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            FEATURING Charlotte Radio DJ Arroe Collins


                         Wherever and're connected to the music and planning.                 


                                                  Instant access for you and your guests..


                                        Sitting at Red Traffic light will never be the same



                                     1.  You and your guests can log in privately creating a music list and "Don't Play List."

                                     2.  Listen to the songs before you select them.

                                     3.  Look at the lyrics and see if it fits into your presentation of sound               

                                     4.  Planning Timelines and complete layouts that guarantee everybody is on the same page.

                                     5.  Constant connection to LA Productions.  Instant questions deserve instant answers.

                                     6.  Shop for party favors and decorations and more.

                                     7.  Informative blogs from published author and on-air radio talent Arroe Collins             


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