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Here are some unsolicted comments from satisfied LA Productions clients:
Lee and Arroe, 

You provided your services, quite spectacularly, for my wedding on October 6th. I am sure that you both know the cyclone that follows an event like this, so I hope you can forgive me for waiting a month to say this: 

Thank you for your passion, Lee. While I was shaking hands and paying very little attention to the time and things needing to be done, you were always right on queue. You made sure that we experienced everything a couple should during their reception without ever making us feel rushed. You allowed us both to relax and just enjoy the celebration of our marriage with our family and friends. When we needed a minute to stop, you got it for us. When that minute was up, you made sure we knew where we left off. You made sure we never got lost in the chaos when it threatened to consume us. Then, you even provided us a window into the events leading up to our arrival with pictures of our venue being prepared. I never thought that I would sit and stare at pictures of a cake being assembled, but I have on several occasions. I donít know why, but those images bring memories and feelings rushing forward with a crystal clarity that I normally donít experience. 

I have always felt that music is the voice of the soul. You were truly in touch with that voice, Arroe. No matter the emotion, there is a song that expresses it perfectly, another that can quiet it and another that can lift it up. I never dance, which I know was hysterically obvious, but you always seemed to have the right song playing to leave me helpless to resist. I actually asked to dance on several occasions, something that will probably not happen again for another 30 years. I think that you have an amazing gift to empathize with the crowd around you and lead them to where they need to be. You made me feel like a superstar out there and that is a true miracle. Bravo. 

You both helped to create one of the best memories Jennifer and I will ever know. There are no words to truly express the deep and sincere gratitude we hold for your kindness, patients, professionalism and talent. It was a true blessing that you were brought to us during this pivotal moment in our lives and I hope for all the best in your lives.

~Brian Mattson
I heard a song on the radio on my way over & thought that would be a great one to play at a party to pick things up, but I missed the name of the song & group. From my description, you found it immediately and played it.Ē

 ~Jim, VP Sales

You made Country & Rock go together like they were made for it, and had us all going & going & going!

Beth, Chain Assembly

Wonderful music! Beautiful choices! 

~Miguel, Int Sales, Madrid, Spain

I was thoroughly impressed with his professionalism. You showed up 2 hours early to set up, and with minimal direction, scoped out locations for the speakers so people could talk over the music. LA productions had the system checked out and was playing music before people began arriving. You get my vote.Ē

~Bill, President

Chris and I would like to thank you again for all of your hard work at our wedding. We had a wonderful time!!! The music was outstanding and everyone had a blast. Things could not have gone any smoother. Thanks to you it was a success!!!

~Robin and Chris Holden

I've hired Lee not once but twice.  She makes you feel so comfortable, which allowed me to spend valuable time with my family and friends

~Jessica Warwick

I remember her saying saying, "All I want you to do is come and relax..." Lee literally cleared the way for us to do exactly that.  We celebrated with no worries.

~Beth Lowry